Monday, March 7, 2011

Kanye’s “Monster” Banned Not Really Banned from MTV After All???

Word spread late last week that the reason we never saw the video for mega-hit “Monster” hit the small screen at MTV was because it had been banned by execs “after the network responded to feminine activists activists Sharon Haywood and Melinda Tankard’s petition of 5,000 signatures from angry citizens voicing their outrage over the video clip.”
The petition claimed that the video showed women as only sexual objects and that violence against women as art is acceptable, but now MTV is speaking out against this claim, saying there that this is not at all the case! Find out if we still may see Yeezy, Nicki, Ross and Jigga in all their gory glory on MTV after all.
A spokesperson for MTV released the following statement: “MTV has not banned Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ video. We have been in constant communication with the label regarding this matter. However, we are still awaiting the edits we requested in order for the video to be suitable for broadcast.” Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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