Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Lyricist... A lost art???

I have wondered over the past 5+ years if the art of the lyricist was a dead or lost one. Not that there are no lyricists left, but rather if there will ever be a resurgence of the craft to the point of dominance or that it competes with the mainstream. Gone are the days that you could rapidly rattle off several current songs or artists with either conscious or great artistic content. Right now you not only have to think about it, but even more frequently you have to gage whether that album is even still current anymore... And even then, did it get any/much radio play? No wonder no one is creating art anymore, we have become a consumer base that shuns it due to the music industries manipulation and lack of product. All the radio stations are owned by a handful of corporations and the same could be said about the record companies.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to XSNRG Magazine's official Blog.

XSNRG Magazine began in the summer of 1994 to chronicle and document the NYC Graffiti scene online. We were one of the 1st Graffiti as well as one of the 1st Hip Hop dedicated sites on the World Wide Web. In only a short time afterward we had taken on all of the 5 Elements of Hip Hop including Rap, DJaying, Breaking and Hip Hop Fashion. The next step in our evolution was to print format in the form of an actual magazine sold in stores. We interviewed the likes of Seen, Dondi, Crash, Daze, Lady Pink and Cope2 from the Graffiti world... Grandmaster Caz, Slick Rick, MethodMan, Kurrupt, The X-Ecutioners and EPMD from the Rap and DJ game.