Monday, April 8, 2013

LL Fool J

My disdain for LL started decades ago. I think he was the first TRUE sellout hip hop (minstrel) artist. I respect his legacy and I respect his accomplishments but I have close to zero respect for him as a (black) man.After reading this and watching the video... What little shreds of respect I had, are out the window. This is one of the worst examples of Tomming it up for the white folks I have ever seen. As if this fool had my permission to speak for my (the black) community... A community he has not REALLY even been a part of or an active participant in for decades, to excuse anything FOR US??? I actually tolerate where the WHITE guy is coming from more than him (not that I really truly feel or get his point either) and that is some sad ass shit yo!!!

Robert E Lee R-I-P my fucking ass!!!

Zero respect for LL Fool J