Monday, September 9, 2013

Open letter to the NON racist Tea Party member...

I do not think that all Tea Party members are racists... Hell, I would even go out on a limb to say that some 80% of them are not racists (maybe even more) and they merely like the low tax and small Federal Government ideology platform.

That said... My question to you member that are NOT racists... Did you aver once think "why is it that twenty plus percent of us are racists?", did you ever wonder "why are those racists in your movement so attracted to the same ideals and principals as you are?" and "why are they allowed to be so loud and vocal bout it?". Most other movements would have found a way to weed them out and, disassociate themselves from the racists after all. Not only has the Tea Party not eliminated them, but all too often they have enlisted them into their leadership.

I am here to tell you at least one of the reasons... The racists want to lower taxes and keep the Federal Government small so the Federal Government does not have the resources and cannot afford to enforce the laws that stop racists from discriminating and committing race crimes. They want to stop the Federal Gov from helping minorities and the poor as well as make it easier for their billionaire financiers to exploit the people and our National Resources for THEIR profit and to the detriment of the People.

See, you think you are part of this organic grassroots movement. You are not! You are part of an orchestrated concerted effort funded by the likes of the Koch brothers. They lay out your agendas and speaking points by funding think tanks and propping up your local leaders and fixing your local elections. They started paying for judicial elections over a decade ago to get the court decisions they wanted, next they targeted the lawmakers to write laws that greased the wheels for the rest of their agenda. The last step was to get you on board so that the people would look like they were getting what THEY wanted instead of looking like (what it was) them getting what "THEY" wanted. They spend millions of dollars a year funding Think Tanks year to fabricate an spin stories to outrage the common hard working American to hate and alienate certain groups out of fear.

The end result is this, you have allied yourself with racists, multi-billion dollar corporations and billionaire elites who are all hell bent on tearing the country apart for a profit (literally in the case of Fracking), because you want to save the country from the elites and the mooching poor.

Think about who agrees with you, if you really wanna know what you are doing represents. It is usually no coincidence that if the evil people are on your side, the end game of your agenda will be an evil one. Maybe not always... Even a broken clock is right twice a day and even an evil person can pick the right side now and again... But when you are in such agreement, the writing is on the wall and you are the only one that cannot see it. You are just a pawn on their chess board, and maybe we are all just pawns. But if you are going to be a pawn at least pick your fellow pawns more wisely than to ally yourself with the racists.


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