Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?! Dr. Cornell West vs. Rev. Al Sharpton

If you’re from the hood, you can identify this body language from miles away.  This picture reads “I dont like you and I’m about to slap the sh*t out you” (Kevin Hart voice).  Also, if you’re thinking the same thing I was thinking, this is the preliminary round before a slap fest…See what really went down.
You would think that when MSMBC hosted a panel titled “The Black Agenda” this past Sunday that political leaders would use this platform as an opportunity to unite on issues like education and the  incarceration rate among African Americans.  But instead, they chose to overshadow the intital purpose of the panel with a very heated debate.   Cornell West and the Rev. have two distinctly different opinions as it pertains to President Barack Obama.  However, they come from similar schools of thought.  Would it have been so hard to find a common ground.  Atleast for the sake of being productive.  What are your thoughts?

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