Saturday, March 9, 2013

Drill Baby Drill???

The vote is in. Fracking has been officially banned in NY for the next two years... What I wanna know is, why the fuck not a permanently??? Stupid fucks!!!

The process of Fracking pumps poisons and toxic chemicals into the earth. Their purpose is to lubricate the drills and free natural gas. Natural gas and chemicals escape into places they should not. like our food supply and our water supply. This process kills everything in its path.

The Tar Sand oil is just as wicked... Even after refinement it pollutes the environment so much more than regular fossil fuels. It is the easily the dirtiest burning fuel in existence.

Oil pipelines are dirty business by default, but handled responsibly they can be a very good means for transporting oil. However, the sand in the Tar Sands make it so abrasive that it wear through piping in record times causing more leaks than standard oil creating even more severe environmental catastrophes. Just think about hundreds of pounds of pressure applied to sandpaper that does not wear out on a piece of steel. How long until you wear through the metal? Well, that is what is happening inside the pipe.

This is all evil shit. Oil and gas companies are putting all their resources into finding ways to use this crap instead of alternative energy sources. They are paying BILLIONS of dollars on lawyers and PR firms and financing political campaigns and lobbyists instead of developing alternative sources of renewable energy. History teaches us that Mother Necessity is behind ever great advancement and as long as we are busy scraping the bottom of the barrel we will never open the next jar of peanut butter.

That past video is a pro Fracking video... While they tell you the process in great detail, they conveniently omit the poisons in the "mud" and "water" solutions... I wonder why? I know it couldn't be to cover their asses right? We all know the oil companies are out to do no harm right?

This video exposes just ONE of the many pollutants used in Fracking.

What gets me burning hot, is the gas they want in NY State is under NYC's water supply. One mistake and NYC has no more water. Is that a risk EVER worth taking? EVER??? Fuck the controversy and debates about poisons and pollution... Is it ever wise to risk poisoning the sole water supply of 9 million people to get natural gas? Sorry, but I don't think so.

Though the videos I posted would never be enough proof for me in forming ANY opinion (my opinions must came from far more official research from credible sources) but I think they illustrate very good points very well and very quickly and give you a taste of the ramifications of these evil practices.

Do YOUR research... If you do it well... I am convinced you will be against this shit.


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