Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Barney's New York

If you are lonely, black or latino and in dire need of attention... Go to Barney's of New York... You will get more attention than anyone has a right to. Three to four security guards will follow your every move down to the blink of your eye. No sales people... But your BFF security guards will be like your shadow.

One thing I know from my experience with Barney's, Barney's is the place that racist rich white people go to shop so they don't have to mix it up with the niggers and spics. Almost anything you purchase in Barney's can be had for a fraction of the cost within a few block radius... But you might have to see some of us dirty niggers there.

Do I think that only racists patronize Barney's? Do I think one must be a racist to visit Barney's? No, but one thing is certain, all of the Barney's prestige, exclusivity and it's elite status are derived from its racist policies.


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