Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Discussion: Lil Wayne and His Children’s Mothers … What Makes Them Coexist So Well?

It started 12 years back in ‘Nawlins. Little Reginae Carter was born while Weezy was just 15, and he eventually married (and divorced) Reginae’s mom, Toya. (Who still uses his last name, by the way). For a while Reginae was Tunechi’s only child. As 2008 crept upon us and failed relationships with hip-hop divas Trina and Nivea were a thing of the past for Wayne, his mixtape presence was becoming way more prevalent and a strong buzz was surrounding him and the upcoming Carter III.
The public was looking more deeply into his love life….and as early as February 2008, rumors swirled that he’d paid upwards of $50,000 to the person that could reunite him with the “one that got away,” Nivea.
The former lovers gave it a go, but later that year (I want to say October), Wayne’s son Dwayne Michael Carter III (C3 as they were calling him) with an Ohio woman was born. This child seemingly came out of nowhere. We hadn’t heard of this woman (“Sarah from Cincinnatti”) nor had we heard there was a baby on the way until about a month before.
Uh, ok? But months later he was still spotted with Nivea so this was merely a bump in the road for the pair. 2009 went on and then all of a sudden, not one but TWO more women were pregnant by Wayne’s seemingly super potent sperm. Nivea and actress Lauren London both gave birth to two more lil Tunechi’s. And yet…no drama was heard of! But when did Lauren fit in this picture? Did he play Nivea twice now?? Where’s the beef! I’d be going nuts!
Fast forward to 2011 and all four women openly chat on Twitter and attend events with one another without incident. “My whole timeline is watching Toya: A Family Affair. If ur late tune into BET now…. Its coming on again at 10:30,” Sarah tweeted just the other night. What goes on here??
In any normal circumstance, weave would consistantly be misplaced at such events, Twitter wars would ensue daily and somebody would eventually be sitting in a cell for beating somebody’s a**. But not with these 5. It seems as though the “Wayney Bunch” coexist quite peacefully!
Fellow IFWT writer @jazzyvadney was telling me about how her father juggled the mothers of his 6 children. While the road wasn’t easy, peace treaties were in place by the time the last bouncing baby came around. Yes, there was the occasional bar fight and conflicting ideas and bouts with child support but now the holidays flow smoothly even to the extent of breaking bread together! Go figure! 
Clearly, it has more to do with type of man that weaves this tangled web and the women he chooses. I guess it’s the way he lays it out from the very start and the respect he gives the women individually. I know everyone is inclined to say “they do it for the money. Duh…” but there are plenty of rich celebs with baby mama drama. I really think this situation speaks to the character of Lil Wayne. It takes one hell of a man to provide for all these women and children, keep them happy and keep them peaceful. Hey if it works for them, who are we to judge? What are your thoughts on the Wayney Bunch??

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