Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Luke “Uncle Luke” Campbell Officially Running for Mayor of Miami

If all the skrippers get together and vote, he’ll win this one with a landslide! Ha! The former 2 Live Crew rapper has officially announced he will run for Mayor of Miami-Dade County, after the latest mayor, Carlos Alvarez, was gone last month.
Luther Campbell said that his campaign’s biggest obstacle is people taking his run for Miami-Dade County Mayor serious.
But Campbell is serious. The former rapper/producer’s platform will focus on four areas: Economic Development, Public Safety, Affordable Housing and the Community.
According to Campbell, once he is elected Mayor, he will help create jobs, attract new businesses, expand small businesses and create new revenue sources for Miami-Dade County.
“We will revitalize the small business environment that supports existing enterprise, recruits new business and creates incentives to help meet long-term economic objectives,” Luke Campbell said.
The rapper also plans to restructure and rebuild commercial and residential areas and resources to stabilize local neighborhood, to attract new residents and to “uphold the cultural values of our diverse community.”
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