Friday, April 22, 2011

How Much of an Active Role Does Jay-Z Have with the Nets???

The Nets general manager Billy King says he isn't like Nelly or other  music personalities who have invested in teams and then disappeared.

“I think a lot of those so-called guys that have parts of teams, they vanish. There was one in Cleveland, what was his name? Usher. They haven’t seen him. I think Nelly in (Charlotte) — haven’t seen him. But Jay-Z, I think players see that it’s more of a passion for him, not just something he’s involved in. To see Jay-Z give a pitch on Brooklyn, and the passion about going to Brooklyn – you see it on tape, you see it on TV. To see him in a room with Carmelo, and making it, you see the passion there and if he’s as passionate about Brooklyn, I just can’t imagine what the other people that live there are going to be like when we get there and to see him as involved and as passionate about the Nets, to me, it’s a real positive. It’s not just something that he’s just using, or investing in. It’s something that he’s going to be involved in even more when we get – next season, I think, even further, we go to Brooklyn.”

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