Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Protect the 0.0000035 percent

Slavery - Civil war - Taxes

Less than 5% of Southerners owned slaves at the start of the Civil war, 
yet the other 95% were willing to die to keep those rich slave owners 
rich even though it hurt their chances of making a living. How could 
they compete with free labor?

I wonder, what percent of Americans who are getting their government 
services reduced will vote for candidates to keep the taxes down for the 
richest one percent, and maybe to even cut taxes for that group?

Although almost 5% of Southerners owned slaves, half the total slave 
income was made by less than one fiftieth of the slave owners or one out 
of every 13,000 Southerners. That's right, 13,000 people were fighting 
for the rights of each slave owner who was really making it big. Doesn't 
that sound eerily similar to the present day politics where so many are 
willing to give up so much just to make the few richest Americans even 
richer? The richest 400 Americans now own more than what is owned by
of 50% of all Americans, the bottom 150,000,000 Americans. And it will be 
that 150 million who feel the budget cuts the most. What percent of 
those 150 million will vote for massive budget cuts (that affect them) 
and tax cuts (that affect the richest and the corporations)? Will it be 
similar to the 13,000 who fought to protect each of the most affluent 
slave owners?


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