Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All that Glitters isn’t Gold

Let’s assume that all the media personalities like Glen Beck and the advertisers supporting his show are correct for a second and the world is coming to a swift and abrupt end as we know it and our good old hard earned American Dollars will soon be worthless. Now I need you to keep that in mind, as I tell you the following story.

Before money, there was only trade or barter (not including slavery or servitude). I traded you a week’s worth of corn for a week’s worth of milk for example. Trades tended to be even unless one trader was a shrewd and held the upper hand. Let’s say you and I were to embark upon a trade. I left to meet you empty handed and picked up 3 pieces of dog poop along the way (Mind you 3 rather large pieces) to trade with you. Let’s say you accepted the trade of 3 dog turds for your valuable merchandise. More than likely I was trading with the village idiot. Who else would accept shit in exchange for valuable goods? Let’s say your valuable merchandise was Gold, and the pile of dog shit was American Cash, after all… Isn’t the American Dollar going to be worth LESS than shit very shortly according to these village idiots? So what else could they be but Village Idiots? And the big question I want you to ask yourself is why are you taking your advice from the Village Idiot? This scenario is no different if you replace Silver, Platinum or any other artificially inflated valuable precious metal with Gold (including diamonds).

The myth that Gold is extremely valuable is only superseded by the myth that diamonds are rare and valuable. Did you know the diamond industry forbids too many diamonds to be unearthed ever year to artificially keep the value high? Neither Gold nor Diamonds are rare, and neither is much more valuable than steel or concrete. Diamonds make good cutting tools and gold is a great conductor for electronics. Neither is worth much more than the value of said properties. So what makes them so very valuable? Some rich powerful man woke up one morning millennia’s ago and decided he had a lot of it or easy access to it and it should be symbolic of his wealth (and it made pretty jewelry too). We as the public bought into it hook line and sinker, mainly because we were either subservient to him, under him socially or his slave. So to this very day we still clutch and cling to this slave mentality. Who says traditions are all good?

Now back to the end of times when our American dollar is worth less than shit. What if those powerful guys that tell us mental slaves what things are worth decide that Gold is no longer important? Or what happens when you are trying to transport this valuable Gold and it weighs a ton and the hounds are chasing you with their guns to rob you of your goods and the weight of your Gold is not only weighing heavy on your conscious but also the satchel you carry it in? Maybe guns and bullets would have been a better investment. Or who sets the value of this Gold? When you want to trade your Gold bars for a steak and he says he wants a whole gold bar for it… Do you refuse and eat your Gold for dinner? All of a sudden Gold does not seem all that stable to me. Seems that its value will be assigned by the person you are trading with leaving you quite powerless because you can’t do ANYTHING with that hunk of Gold now, can you (well, you could throw it as a weapon)?

While the invention of money allowed for more exploitation, it also allowed for more flexibility because it came in denominations that had a stated value. It allowed trade to be conducted beyond geographical boundaries. It also allowed for acceptable profits for the first time. Mind you the first money was either made of Gold or backed by Gold… But at least the Gold was assigned a value instead of deciding it on the spot on a whim or by speculators and commodities markets (legal gambling for the wealthy). And thank God our good old American Dollars are no longer backed by an artificially inflated precious metal that is not far above being worthless.

Now the very same village idiots that want you to buy their Gold for high prices (because they will get even higher when the world ends)… Want you to sell them your Gold for a lower price because now is the time to sell your Gold (did I just have a brain fart?). That’s right, you heard it right… Now is the time to SELL GOLD. So now they want to give you shit (American money) for your Gold only so they can sell you Gold for even more shit. Seems like the village idiots are not village idiots’ at all. What’s worse is they are treating YOU like the village idiot. LOL They are shrewd and cunning confidence men profiting from manufactured fear. They profit even more by telling you one precious metal will be better than another and getting you to switch giving them a tidy commission in the process. They actually make a profit from trading one worthless item for another. And what exactly do they get in return? They get more American Dollars that they have been telling you will be worth SHIT when it hits the proverbial fan.

Think about this for a second, why would anyone want to get the item that they SAY will be worthless, in return for the item they SAY will be valuable? They do it because in reality YOU ARE the village idiot, not them. It is YOU that has bought into this crap, and they are laughing all the way to the bank.
You can keep on taking your financial advice from the village idiots if you want, but not me.


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