Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is Lil Wayne Dating Skylar Diggins??

If you follow Lil Wayne on Twitter (and chances are you’re one of the 1,620,615 that does!) you’ve seen him tweeting to @skydigg4, calling her “wifey”, a “winner in my book”, “baby”…you get the idea. Skylar Diggins plays on Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team, and is making headlines with her “Fighting Irish” crew as the team has made it to the NCAA tournament. “Good lukk to my wife Skylar Diggins and the Fighting Irish,” Tunechi first tweeted on Saturday. A surprised Sky replied, “Haha thanks Wayne! Mmmuah to my husband!” Weezy continued his words of encouragement throughout the weekend…
“DC was beautiful. Kongrats to @skydigg4,my wife. Now bring it home baby,” he tweeted Sunday, following another successful night at his I Am Music II tour. “I am on my @skydigg4 sh!t,” and, “Let’s go Notre Dame! Let’s go @skydigg4! Wifey! You are a winner in my book regardless” are the most recent ones.
I think it’s safe to say that Wayne is simply among Sky’s admirers. A girl playing in the NCAA tournaments doesn’t have much time to be galavanting with guys, especially Lil Wayne! But the season will be over soon…..wonder what will come of this one!

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