Friday, April 1, 2011

50 Marketing New Line of Wireless ‘Sleek by 50′ Headphones

50 Cent’s G-Unit affiliated company SMS Audio LLC recently entered into a deal H&HY Imports and TV Goods Inc., to market a new “Sleek by 50″ line up headphones that will be coming to the market.
The rapper’s company SMS is in the process of creating a variety of audio products.
TV Goods Inc. and H&H have agreed to producing global informercials to market the products, which includes a new, over-the-ear-wireless version of the Sleek by 50 line of headphones.
“I am excited to be taking the next step toward the launch of a line of high-quality audio products,” 50 Cent said in a statement. “TV Goods is the right partner for direct response marketing of our first audio product. This is their specialty. I know quality sound equipment, and TV Goods knows how to bring it to consumers through their living rooms.”
According to H&H Chairman Kevin Harrington, 50 Cent’s involvement with the company has had a drastic impact on the company since the pair announced a deal in January.
50 sent a number of tweets to almost 3 million of his followers, urging them to buy stock in H&H Imports, resulting in him earning a reported $8.7 million, after H&H’s stock jumped from $0.10 a share to $0.39 a share.
“Working closely with 50 Cent has had a tremendous impact on the company and its future prospects,” Harrington said. “He is a great marketer with an eye for business opportunities.”

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