Saturday, October 8, 2011

Minimum Wage Politicians.

The sign is silly if you ask me. Think about it? We need leaders/politicians (otherwise all we would have was chaos), if you lowered their salaries to minimum wages who could afford to take the job? Only the ultra wealthy. The average Joe who already has a hard enough time getting elected to (actually) represent you would NEVER be able to take the job. Let's face it, the main reason everything is so fucked up right now is because rich motherfuckers (looking after their own interests) who do not understand, identify with nor care about us are in power. Enact a law based on this stupid sign and that is ALL you will doom yourself to.

Has no one not noticed the trend of politicians making gestures to work for $1 per year (well below minimum wages) in order to shame/beat their lesser financially set opponent??? And paying for their campaigns with their own money. These assholes don't NEED their salary, they want POWER!!! You people are thinking like poor people.

You have to think like your opponent in order to defeat them. This sign is the product of us thinking like THEY want us to think. I would not doubt if it was created BY them. Minimum wages would be the permanent surrender of OUR power to THEM. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it... And THEY, would love it!!!


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