Saturday, October 8, 2011

Middle class... Wake up.

It seems that the average middle class American needs glasses, cause somehow the line between democrat and republican has blurred so much that middle class people are voting republican.
They spout republican rhetoric and dogma as if it had replaced the gospel. They say that government cannot create job, as if amnesia had taken root of the FDR administration’s NRA and New Deal programs. They act as if they are blind to the fact that Social Security and Medicare are basic foundational building blocks of the middle class. They act as if the middle class was borne as a boil on the collective assess and  backsides of the Rockefellers rather than from the loving womb of the Unions who fought and died for their rights to have paid sick days, national holidays, overtime, 8 hour days, safe work environments, etc… The fact that lower taxes for the wealthy plot almost identically with the national debt rising seems to escape them all together. Wake up people; the lower their taxes are the higher our national debt is.

They are so out of touch with reality that they cannot understand that it is morally wrong to fight for a man who places legal bets that America will do badly with the commodities exchange and pays a lower tax rate on the earnings of this treasonous act than a guy busting his ass digging ditches for a living… How can you defend this and be a Middle class American? How do you defend people that do nothing should pay less taxes than those that do things? How can you be for deregulating everything when that is what the unions fought for to create the middle class from the start? It would seem that the middle class has lost all of its senses. It’s time to come to your senses people.

They keep the middle class at the necks of the poor and overly concerned with anything the impoverished get to help them instead of keeping their eyes on the rich bastards who are legally raping them in the background. Stop fighting over the crumbs of the wealthy with those below the poverty level. Adjust your sights on the real enemy. They keep telling you to be against everything that allows YOU to become poor and FOR everything that allows THEM to get richer. They want to create a world where the rich have an easy road to get richer and the poor have it as difficult as possible to escape poverty.


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