Saturday, October 8, 2011

Troy Davis R.I.P. September 21, 2011

Originally written September 21, 2011
I apologize for the late posting of this. It never posted to the site and I did not notice until today when I was clearing up drafts off the server. I added a video to it.

Today is a sad fucking day, not because a man died. People die every fucking day. Not because an innocent man was executed because we have no idea if Troy Davis was innocent or not. Today was a sad day because we have taken the first real steps toward third world status. We have joined the likes of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… as a country with an ass backwards savage cannibalistic blood sucking justice system. The fact that a state with a history of unfair treatment towards people of color as Georgia was allowed to execute a black man with so much doubt shows just how barbaric of a nation we are. That this could happen is proof that we are no fucking better than all the nations we thumb our noses at. This is proof that our system is broken. How the fuck can we continue to do as uncivilized nations do and still pound our chests as the global police force? Let me officially say for the record… Fuck Georgia!!! Wiping that shit stain of a state off the face of the planet would be a fate far too great for them.


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