Monday, October 17, 2011

Cain 999 plan... Simple Math???

9-9-9 = People too poor to pay Federal taxes being flat taxed at 9%. 9%>0% = Tax increase on the poor and lower middle class they cannot afford. Simple math.

The 2nd 9 is a 9% consumption tax which means an extra 9% Federal Tax on goods the poor and lower middle class buy (including $1 menu fast food many poor people live on)... You know, those people I just mentioned who were already too poor to pay Federal taxes = 18% Federal tax rate for many poor people. 18%>0% tax. Simple math.

Corporations get the last 9%. Corporations are supposed to pay 15%-35% now although some pay as little as nothing due to exemptions... So corporations tax rate goes from 35% - 9% and the poor go from 0%-18%??? HUH???

Maybe it was the 9-9-9 plan that actually killed Able and not Cain. LOL 999 upside down is 666... Coincidence? I think not!!!



  1. Cain said on a Sunday Morning talk show that poor people would save on taxes because only new items would be subject to the 9% sales tax, but not used items. I guess as long as poor people only buy used cars, used furniture and used clothing, they could survive, but used medicine and used doctors won't cut it. The only way to survive would be if their largest expenditure was used food and there is a name for used food and it is the same name as for the 999 plan: Shit!!


  2. make the poor get poorer.. 666 plan, lol