Friday, December 4, 2015

Horrific murder... Where is Obama's response???

No word from Obama, Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson!!!

I don't want anyone to misconstrue my words, this is a tragedy. To say this story is disturbing and horrific is an understatement of epic proportions... But since when does the president speak out on every horrid crime? Why is Obama being held to a higher standard than his white predecessors?

Don't get me wrong, had it come across his desk and he spoke on the incident, there would be no problem, but I am sure there is at least one atrocity or act of evil of this caliber committed somewhere in this nation at least once daily. How would he choose which to give attention and which to ignore? Who decides? Or do we expect him to report on every one? And if he did, wouldn't these same people contend that life is so unsafe under Obama after they are inundated and desensitized by the onslaught of these stories? Are people so delusional that they believe the president is their local TV News anchor? Or is this yet another feeble attempt to defame Obama? Another attempt to stain his legacy? Print, publish or broadcast that he doesn't care about Americans or America enough times and ignorant people begin to believe it. Wake up people. As the new Star Wars movie prepares to break box office records, understand you have been victim of the worlds biggest Jedi Mind Trick in history.

Presidents of the past didn't take time to give airtime to every horrific murder, if they did they would have been on tv nearly every day in the 50s through the 70s to report a black man or Woman strung up, cut up and burned by a white Lynch mob somewhere in the country. I don't remember this in my life and I don't recall seeing it in all my years researching history. An even if they did (which they didn't), we live in an unprecedented time of mass shooters, out of control police violence and terrorists, sorry if this is a small story in a big universe unlikely to garner the POTUS's attention. I highly doubt he's even cognizant of the story. This president has far bigger issues to contend with (that I am sure the media will blame him for) than this senseless, albeit barbaric crime. Get a life and realize that if you propagate or subscribe to this drivel you are either stupid, racist or in dire need of a civics class.

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