Friday, December 4, 2015

Donald Trump Racist Crime Statistics

Need proof that Donald Trump is an asshole???
He tweeted this meme...

First off he should know that these numbers are waaaaaay the fuck off base... But retweeting a meme originally posted by someone with a swastika as their avatar should have rung a bell even if he was stupid enough to believe the numbers.

But it gets worse... The source for the data "Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco" does not exist. But wait... It gets better still... The 2015 Numbers are obviously not out yet as 2015 is not over yet. Someone running for president should be aware of this.

The last available numbers are the ones below from 2014 which are dramatically different than the ones in the racist meme posted on Twitter by Mr. Chump.

What a piece of shit Donald Trump is with his fear mongering and race baiting. The draft dodging coward who wants to send troops to fight wars that neither he nor his sons would fight themselves.


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