Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 10 Gun Commandments

1- We need to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Not to make guns illegal, but rather to properly regulate it on a federal level so that your gun privileges are guaranteed nationwide. For anyone that says they don't want the Federal Government regulating their rights, they should understand that the Federal Government has always, since inception, regulated their rights if not only by virtue of listing and maintaining them via the Constitution. Rights cannot be denied unless you do something to lose them or have them temporarily revoked. The mentally ill are behind the recent outbreaks and escalation of massacres and mass shootings. The understandable knee-jerk reaction to this is prequalifying physiological testing for mental illness before granting gun licenses and/or ownership. However, failed psychiatric tests are NOT sufficient to have your rights taken from you. In fact, because of the American Disabilities Act it actually makes it unconstitutional. In actuality, it guarantees psychos should have access to firearms. Rights cannot be denied to anyone by virtue of who they are or their abilities or lack of. The 2nd Amendment needs to be abolished for that reason alone.

2- Gun ownership needs to be made into a Federal Privilege, complete with licensing, background checks, competency tests, psychological testing, required liability insurance that includes if the weapon is stolen, mandatory training, annual registrations, rules of storage and use, background checks on everyone residing with the owner and with access to the weapons, and proper federal credentials issued to all that pass these requirements.

3- There should be a limit to the size and number of arms one can own or be owned by one household. What I like to call a "Caliber Cap”. It would function very similar to the salary cap system currently in place in the sports world.

4- Bullets should stamped with serial numbers and be issued on a depository basis. You should have to turn in your casings for new and account for all your shots. All guns should be shot prior to selling in to create a ballistic fingerprint database.

5- All Gun serial numbers should be recorded and matched with ballistic fingerprint database including ownership.

6- No one should be banned from ownership based on who they are (politics, popularity, group affiliations, race, economic background, gender, sexual orientation, etc...). This privilege would function very much the same way that rights do in most ways except you will have to earn the privilege instead of it being a birthright. The only exclusion for ownership is a criminal record for violent crimes, crimes committed with a weapon or terrorist conspirators planning to attack America.

7- Gun owners must join support groups that self police its members in the form of well regulated militias or gun clubs. The only exception is if there are no other gun owners nearby.

8- Penalties for possession or ownership of illegal guns will be very harsh. 20 years mandatory in a Federal prison. There will be major rewards for turning in owners of illegal guns providing the person is convicted. Everyone will have access to legal guns so there is NO need to have an illegal gun unless you are a convicted habitual or violent criminal.

9- Federal Gun privileges will supersede all local laws. No local government will be able to tax, apply fees, restrict or revoke your privileges, even temporarily with exception to Court buildings (where justice can be intimidated), Airports (hijacking) and places where a gun poses significantly more danger if discharged (a submarine or gas plant).

10- All weapons must be carried in plain sight. Concealed weapons permits will only be approved if the need is proven.

By no means should people be robbed of their ability to protect themselves and their property with or without firearms. However, people should not be able to shoot whomever they want just because they are scared. That is not what the Founding Fathers intended. Americans that want to be armed should have the ability to be armed but, they have to earn that privilege. People say “Freedom isn't free...” Well neither is the right to possess weapons that take the lives of the innocent.


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