Friday, December 4, 2015

Jada Pinkett Smith on Strippers Strippers

No doubt about it this is deep...but you know what part of the puzzle she missed? Not saying she is wrong... Cause she is not IMHO... But the part of the puzzle she missed, is this over glorification and proliferation of the  Pimp. I remember in the early 2Ks when my son was walking around saying he was a Pimp. He was like 13 and had no idea what a Pimp was other than a dude who dressed fancy, had a lot of money, partied hard, all the chicks loved him and was all in the songs and music videos. Every young man wanted to be a PIMP!!!

See stripping ain't a gateway because stripping is a gateway... It's a gateway because we been priming our young men for the past decade or two that pimping is honorable. It is embedded in Hip Hop culture. The message is loud and clear, you ain't shit unless you are a Gangsta or a Pimp!!! A killer, drug dealer or an exploiter of women. 

Too many young men don't have a dad like me to correct that shit quick fast in a hurry... So this Pimp mentality stays with them, becomes a part of them even if they do not actually become a Pimp. They become more predatory and Pimp like and to me, that is he real problem cause girls grow up with these Pimp like wannabe characters and think there ain't nothing wrong with being a lil' more Hoe like so the pseudo Pimps will like them... BANG... Recipe for disaster. We gotta break the Pimp mentality of our young men.

Our rap artists, comedians, singers, movie & book writers, etc... Time to break the cycle!!!

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