Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Bitter Story Of Chocolate

Who is willing to join me in my boycott of everything that is chocolate? I refuse to contribute to an industry that willingly and wantonly supports child labor, child slavery and slavery in general. It is bad enough that much of the food we eat, the clothing we wear and the electronics we use utilizes slavery, but we need those things and their entire industry is not inundated with slave labor... But the chocolate industry IS SLAVERY!!! Chocolate does not exist with out slavery... Hershey, NestlĂ©, Mars, M&M, Godiva... All of it made with African slaves. Unless you see the "Fair Trade" symbol on your chocolate... Children were kidnapped, bought and sold, transported across country borders and beaten to death to satisfy your sweet tooth. Now don't get me wrong... I hate not eating chocolate... It is in almost every treat I like to eat (something I found out the hard way over the past few days while shopping for deserts) but I cannot in fair consciousness continue to fund slavery. My ancestors were slaves and I would be a hypocritical asshole to make other people slaves so I can indulge.


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