Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shariah Law will replace US laws in many cities!!!

Allow me to educate some people... If you know and understand this already I apologize in advance but I think it is worthwhile to educate those of you that do not understand.

Shariah law is NOT what most people think it is. Shariah law DOES NOT supersede our laws. There ARE cities and countries in other parts of the world where shariah law IS their law, but in countries with their own sovereign laws like we have in America shariah law is just a mediation method among their own religion. For instance, I am Christian... If a Muslim and I got into a conflict, shariah law would not come into play. But if I were Muslim... We would have the CHOICE of an imam judging the case according to Islamic shariah law. We would both have to agree... The most they could do is excommunication from the mosque if I refused and the only recourse the other person would have is US law. If we both agree... We are both bound to the decision of the imam. There is no capital punishment for sharia law in America. All penalties are financial or material or spiritual in nature (which could include things like public humiliation).

Shariah law is no set thing either. Every Islamic group has their own shariah law no different than we have in the USA. Gay marriage is legal one state, weed in another but one or both might be illegal here or there. Some shariah laws are no different than our on laws on the books here in the USA and others are barbaric and psychotic (and illegal in America).

Bottom line, Americans have NOTHING to fear from shariah law even if it were instituted by EVERY municipality in the nation. We already have religious mediation in every county in the nation, Jews already have their version of shariah in any area with a high Jewish population as do other religious groups. It has been that way for the better part of the last century at least. Heck, a Catholic confessional is a type of shariah law... The priest can absolve you of your crime or give you penance and even give you shelter or refuge from the law... A priest can sit you down with a fellow parishioner and mediate your problems according to Catholic law... But if you are not Catholic the priest holds no power over you.

If you want to fear something real, you should fear something that is already on the books called Mandatory Arbitration and Binding Arbitration. It is being written into almost every contract you sign now of days that if you click the accept button when installing a program or signing into a website like Facebook or even just opening the wrapper on a DVD or music CD, it strips you of your God given rights as an American citizen without you even knowing about it. It basically states that you wave your right to be judged by the courts and can be penalized directly by the corporation. Look it up... Shariah law is a joke compared to Binding Arbitration... It is mediation that is being slipped into the fabric of our civilization right under your nose compliments of the Koch Brothers, the Heritage Foundation and the US Chamber of Commerce (yes I know it sounds like a governmental agency but it has no more to do with the government than Federal Express). You want something to fear??? There you have it people. Shariah law as a threat to our way of life is a joke... Mandatory Binding Arbitration is the REAL nightmare. It is what allows the music and motion picture industry to sue you and send you to jail for making copies of movies and music. Opening the DVD packaging is literally signing away your rights. Try reading that iTunes consent form someday... You might really be scared after that. =)


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