Thursday, November 21, 2013

Obamacare is Modern Day Slavery!!!

I do not like Martin Bashir. I have never liked him and never will but I have to give him a standing ovation for this piece.

I am sick and tired of Conservative, Tea Party, Libertarian assholes invoking the names of Lincoln, MLK, etc... as if they're of the same mindset and philosophy. Stop analogizing everything to the institution of slavery. As a descendant of slaves, I find very little more insulting than your ideas that paying for healthcare is equal to captivity... To the brutality suffered while fully surrendering your humanity.

Was Bashir's comments over the top? Yeah it was, but bravo for someone having the balls to say it. He unfortunately lacked the balls to stand behind it, buckling to public pressure and apologized. But big ups for saying it all the same!!!


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