Friday, October 4, 2013

Do Guns really make us safer?

Do Guns really make you safer? Are we wasting time with gun laws because we can never get rid of all the guns?

I have no issue with gun ownership but still, I take umbrage with the logic that strict gun laws make us less safe. NY state has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and one of the lowest gun crime stats in the nation. Their crime rates PERIOD, are low low low and all that, with strict gun laws. I don't currently own a gun but I have owned guns illegally in the past. I NEVER carried any of my guns. I never had a need to carry them even in the crack 80 in NYC when the crime and murder rates of Brooklyn were among the highest in the nation. Even at age 16 when I got my 45, I was smart enough to realize that if I carried it, I was likely to use it. At 16 I was wise enough to understand this, why can't adults understand this. At 16 I understood that if I got into a verbal confrontation with two or three guys and things got too intense and I felt threatened, insulted or intimidated I might pull out my gun (and use it) instead of talking it out or just walking away. But yet adults cannot understand this? Was I THAT much smarter? Or are people just that paranoid and in love with their guns?

Still, if liberal gun laws were actually the cure, why is the murder and crime rate of Fort Worth Texas so much higher than the national average? Fort Worth Crime Stats Fort Worth is proof positive that everyone owning and carrying and owning a gun does NOT make you safer.

Again while I am not against gun ownership, the idea that because CRIMINALS don't obey gun laws we should abolish gun laws is akin to saying "since people don't follow theft, assault, rape or murder laws, we should just give up on those laws and abolish them". So if someone rapes or murders your daughter you just go out and settle it yourself? We don't need no stinking laws cause criminals won't follow them anyway. Right??? LOL What are we the fucking Hatfields and McCoys? Why have any laws for that matter? Let's go backwards in evolution to big fish eat little fish. I am a big strong man very capable of taking what I want and defending what is mine. Trust me big fish eat little fish is only fun up until YOU are the little fish and all the guns in the world will only save you but for so long.

I will leave you with one more thought... More than half the guys that are murdered by guns every year were armed when they were killed. Just food for thought. Says to me that having a gun doesn't REALLY keep you safe... Just makes you more likely put yourself in a situation or engage in activities that might get you killed. Alcohol might be liquid courage, but guns are steel and lead courage.


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