Thursday, August 15, 2013

Racist Obama Rodeo Clown

I am sick of undercover racists feigning ignorance. I am sick of hearing how the Obama rodeo clown incident was just an innocent joke and free political speech. Sick of having a government sanctioned public incitement compared to the acts of individuals hanging effigies of George W Bush or Sarah Palin. It isn’t the same… In fact it is very different.

Playing with a black man's lips as a joke for public humiliation and pretending that big lips are not a negative racial stereotype for blacks is disgraceful. Inciting a crowd of whites to condone attacking a depiction of a black character (who happens to be president of the United States) and acting like there isn't a history of whipping white mobs into a frenzy to hang/kill blacks is disgraceful. This was no more of an isolated innocent act of free expression and or political satire than getting a crowd to cheer on a man to rape a woman.

Not everything is equal... Leaving a noose on the doorstep of a black family that just moved into a white neighborhood is not the same as one white neighbor leaving a noose on their white neighbor's doorstep. One is a message of racial hatred, exclusion and intolerance and the other could be as simple as showing his neighbor a knot or as complex as a death threat

Bugs Bunny coaxing an Italian mobster named Bugsy into an oven for a laugh is not the equivalent of coaxing a Jew into an oven for a chuckle. It not only is NOT funny but it is hateful.

Patting your teammate on the ass is not the same as patting your waitress on the ass. All things ARE NOT equal.

Let’s put this all in its proper context. This was not the act of a rouge comic who lacked the ability to self edit. It was not a comedian like Michael Richards going on a rant because he was heckled or even some lone Tea Party nut upset with the government. This was a state sanctioned public event. It happened at the STATE FAIR!!! The GOP has even given the Obama Clown a standing invitation to perform in Texas. That is the equivalent of the Democratic Party hanging effigies of George Bush and Sarah Palin.

I would have so much more respect if they just manned up and admitted they made a mistake. That they didn’t see the bigger picture and it’s contextual implications. But instead, FOX pundits, Conservative, Tea Party and Libertarians circling the wagons as they double down on dumb and defend the reprehensible act.


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