Saturday, August 17, 2013

The world of FACTS according to Bill O'Reilly

Fox News has a track record of telling outright lies and Bill O'Reilly is the leader of the pack while remaining the most level headed and trusted of the pack... Herein we will expose just how devious he is.

I could not find the original airing of O'Reilly's comment which leaves me to believe that he was more guilty than not, though that does not pass as fact or evidence unless you are Alex Jones or on FOX News. Since I am neither I will let it rest at that. All I could find was Bill rebutting Sharpton and giving his recounting of the original statement which he was free to make up as he went.

Here Bill distorts the truth about Stop and Frisk in NYC.

According to Bill's logic on this, when the Klan burns a cross on a black family's lawn, they might actually be trying to help the poor fol;s out... Giving them ready to burn firewood to keep warm and cook over, lighting up their property to keep bad guys away, letting their neighbors know how profoundly and deeply they believe in Jesus and helping them stay closer to him, all at the same time. The cross burning might not actually be a symbol of hate, but rather a gesture of love.

 See, according to Bill, unless we were actually at the rally directly before the cross burning to hear that it was an act of hate or racism... It is all just wild speculation and conjecture. The most they are guilty of, is "good ol' boy" horsing around or being a little too aggressive as kindhearted neighbors.

Thanks for putting that all in perspective Bill and thanks for being a real live American patriot.


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