Saturday, August 24, 2013

Respect of Love comes Cheap…

Sometimes I feel old. It seems that people have forgotten why we have language. Young people don’t seem to know the meaning of ANY of these words. Respect, Love or Cheap.

Love: They use the word Love like a baby uses it. A baby doesn’t know what Love means beyond “Mommy and/or Daddy say it to me” so they repeat it back. That’s how so many fathers love their kids and the woman they made them with. Maybe, that’s why there are so many “baby Daddies” & “Baby Mommas” out there…

Cheap: Love is Cheap. After all, it doesn’t cost us anything right? Maybe not in dollars, but Love is something that should be worked at, invested into and taken great care of. So is it really Cheap? Cheap doesn’t denote cost, but rather how well something is made or constructed. I guess modern day Love is one those occasions that something is both inexpensive AND Cheap. If it weren’t so Cheap people might Respect it. But Respect is just another word people don’t seem to understand.

Respect:  Respect isn’t something you can fake. Respect comes from deep within you and it isn’t something that is here today, gone tomorrow and back the next day. If you Respect your Mother, you never curse her out… Not when she is doing EVERYTHING for you or when she cannot do ANYTHING for you.  If you respect someone, you NEVER curse them out, never assess their value before aiding them. Real Respect would never allow you to do that. Respect, is that high regard you MAINTAIN for someone or something when they can no longer do for you, help or benefit you and you no longer NEED them. Especially then in fact… But yet you are still willing to do most anything to help THEM!!! That’s Respect. If you stop paying your child support because the mother doesn’t behave to your liking or because you want a new tattoo, flat screen or Playstation4, you neither Love nor Respect your child and your manhood is mad Cheap!!!

Respect of Love really does come Cheap today people…


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