Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Public Lynching of Obama

The part that trips me out... There are still people out there naive enough to think the resistance to Obama's ideas and the lack of cooperation in congress are not related to race... That no one thinks about or considers his race when they choose to hate him or take pledges to not do ANYTHING he puts on the table. That we as Americans are somehow beyond racism because overwhelmingly white America elected a black man. They believe if there was a white president in office that it would be HIS likeness hanging there instead of Obama's. Even when facing the fact that history shows any president from the past with Obama's record is celebrated as of of the best presidents in history... Only difference, they were white.

Obama has spent less than any president in modern history, he has gotten us OUT of war, he has turned perpetual job loss into job gains (though not as fast as we would like), he killed our most dangerous foreign enemy, he cut government... WTF??? If he were white there would be Republican churches being erected next to the Ronald Reagan Library as you read this.

Can you even picture a white president's likeness being lynched (a method commonly used to kill blacks) in public, at a publicly traded place of business no less? Maybe if Obama had started unnecessary wars causing hundreds of thousands of deaths like Truman, George W. Bush and Eisenhower, but they were NEVER symbolically lynched. Maybe if American Soldiers were killing Americans on American soil like at Kent State under Nixon, but there were no symbolic Richard Nixon hangings either? Maybe, just maybe if the National Guard were used in America to keep racists protesters under control like Kennedy did in Alabama. But the funny thing is, there were no hanging Kennedy dolls back then either.

Lets be clear here, past presidents have sent our citizens to die in wars over NOTHING and no hanging effigies. During past administrations the American Military was used AGAINST Americans resulting in dead citizens, and yet no symbolic hanging white presidents??? But the black president that does NOT use troops against Americans and ENDS wars... And he is symbolically hung in public like a runaway slave??? and you think that is not racism?


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