Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wake Up Sheep!!! Boston Marathon False Flag alert!!!

The sheep have finally lost their minds on this one...
I believe False Flags occur... I personally believe we entered WW2 under a FF. I believe FDR knew about Pearl Harbor and ignored it so that an isolationist America would be forced to go to war... But I DO NOT KNOW, therefore I DO NOT state it as a fact.

That is what is wrong with you conspiracy nuts. Your distrust is so great that you think that anyone/thing that agrees with you is instantly legitimate. IT IS NOT!!!

I will be the first to admit... The Boston Marathon bombing COULD be a FF... I hope it is not... But I do not know. I have NO proof that it is a FF so I am forced to accept that there was an actual bombing UNTIL I have proof. Real proof... Not just evidence that LOOKS like it could be proof. It's pretty simple people. That is how it works. This is not religion; my belief does not make it real. That is the difference between me and you guys... I know our government has, can and will do shady things, but that doesn't mean that anything and everything they do is shady.

The only way to keep a conspiracy quiet is to involve very few people like with the JFK assassination. I believe the only reason that has not come to light is because there were probably 1 or 2 assassins who were killed soon after. It is easy to make 1 or 2 people disappear, but anything that requires massive amounts of people to pull off (like the Marathon bombing or 9/11)... SOMEONE is gonna speak up, spill the beans, blow the whistle or talk. Have you guys not been awake for the past decade or two? No one keeps their mouths shut anymore. It’s just a fact. People just CANNOT keep their mouths shut anymore, ask the Mafia how that secrecy thing is working for them? And the government can't just run around killing people in massive (that is the key word) numbers without arising suspicion. Think about it, they couldn't even stop the Bin Laden Seal Team from writing books on a classified top secret mission. There is even a fucking movie about it!!! LOL But the funniest part is, The same people who don't trust the government to do ANYTHING because the government will "fuck EVERYTHING UP", think that same government capable of pulling off these elaborate hoaxes and frauds AND capable of keeping it quiet. Which is it? Are they masters of deception and expert tacticians or the 3 stooges on crack? You can't have it both ways guys!!!

Now while I CANNOT say one way or the other if this was a False Flag because I am bound by those pesky little things like facts, science, proof and evidence... I CAN however prove that all so called evidence the Hoaxers have offered up thus far is bunk.

The Boston Marathon Conspiracy:

The Marathoner and the Soldier is not the same person. The soldier is Nick Vogt and the runner is Jeff Bauman so obviously that is bunk. Not only did I see the video that this photo was taken from but click the link below to see the actual guy after the bombing.
Meet Jeff Bauman
I could tell it was not the same person INSTANTLY. I think the people who created this meme could too to, but since it supports the conspiracy they let it slide. If they really thought it was him... Besides the fact that they need glasses, they are the poster child of the dangers associated with drawing a conclusion and then finding facts to support said conclusion, instead of letting the facts dictate your conclusion.

The Tourniquet Conspiracy:

Skip to 34:25 to see their proof that Jeff Bauman's tourniquet is a hoax.

While I know it was nowhere as severe as an amputation, I have cut myself pretty bad and bled straight through the bandages. Other times the bandage holds the blood in, but as soon as you take it off of it's like opening a faucet. Other times I bandage a wound and instantly it stops, clots, scabs and heals. All wounds behave differently. I have been stabbed... I did not bleed a lot (outside my body at least), yet I know people that gushed all over the sidewalk. The amputee in this video is listless, not screaming and not bleeding all over the place just like the Mr. Bauman. Yes, the soldier's tourniquet is BIGGER, so what? I learned to apply tourniquets in the Boy Scouts and HAVE had to apply them on a camping accidents... And they were smaller. Tourniquets do NOT have to be huge. So what you cannot SEE Jeff's 2nd tourniquet... What does that mean? Have you ever looked at something from one view but change the angle and it is nothing like you thought.

This can be edited to look like lovers hooking up or people passing on the street. 

 Jeff Bauman was in shock, lacked blood and therefore he lacked the energy to cry out in pain... His wounds also look as if they were charred (from the explosion) and possibly partially cauterized which would contribute to the lack of leaking blood. Do I know any of this for a fact??? NO... but it makes more sense that what the Conspiracy Nuts are pushing... But the biggest difference is I am not pushing my theories as fact like you SHEEP are (yeah I called you sheep because you are conspiracy sheep).

Sandy Hook Boston connection Conspiracy:
Come on... The Sandy Hook principal at the Marathon??? Seriously??? She is wearing the same thing in front of the same background as her Sandy Hook photos? That is not clever or even very well done. Even you sheep can do better than that. Click the link for the other Sandy Hook Boston bullshit.

Military proceedures Conspiracy:
This is allegedly one of the military training manuals to teach the military to turn on us with False Flag procedures etc...

Just because they produce a manual that covers False Flags doesn't mean that’s what THIS was... A virgin can produce a manual for sex... WTF does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Do I like that this manual exists? No… Could it have real uses for overseas (though still not something that makes me happy)? YES!!! It does not mean it is intended for use against us in the USA. Do I know if it is even legit? No. This could have been written in a college dorm somewhere. Who knows if it is even real?

Disappearing Gore Conspiracy:

Lastly... The coup de gras of the Boston conspiracy and the thing I think converts the most people to tread down the road to doubt... The infamous video of the disappearing gore...

See funny how when you look at it full screen and really investigate it, how all of a sudden there is a new picture. Like watching one of those artists that paint an abstract painting in front of you and then turn it upside down to reveal it is actually a portrait... You just needed to see it from the right angle or your eyes play tricks on you.
Entertaining, and even though I thoroughly believe in Jesus, it ain't evidence that Jesus exists...

One of the 1st rules I follow when validating a source of evidence... If they lie once, EVERYTHING is suspect. If they are wrong about the facts once (as opposed to their opinion being wrong)... EVERYTHING is suspect. You conspiracy guys are wrong on so many levels you do not even deserve the time and energy I put into debunking your crap. The real sad thing is, you guys are probably part of a massive FUTURE False Flag. Your part is to make people so sick and tired of hearing about your False Flags that when one DOES actually happen, people turn a blind eye to it because you helped to desensitized them to it. You call people sheep for not believing your conspiracies. In reality, you're too stupid to see that you're the sheep and the instrument of our destruction.


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