Friday, July 22, 2011

Time for the Crabs to Change!!!

The only way to make real change without the majority in congress (and by that I mean at least 60% not the 48-49% Obama had on his best day) is to destroy the republic and establish a Monarchy. How many are gonna stand in line and be counted for that?

I do not like Obama’s performance record, nor do I think he has made all of the right decisions... But none of them as far as I can see were made with the malicious intent of the 6 out of 7 presidents that preceded him (as the Tea Party and the media outlets allude). That's 36 years of destruction they expect him to fix in 2 years??? Bullshit actually, they turned cannibal 1 year in (And don't think the Tea Party didn't take note of that). Here is where the WTF should come in. You were not out in the streets protesting when the media coverage was slanted, skewed and biased against him. But the Tea Party was out there!!! When they said he was spending 500 Billion to go to China, how many of you checked them on that lie and took to the streets? Did you take to the streets when the news coverage used the “supplied” Tea Party attendance numbers at their rallies? Only showing shots that gave the illusion of hundreds of thousands in attendance when in fact there were a thousand at best? These reports made it appear that most Americans were against Obama, and who wants to be left out of a good NIGGER hating session right?

Did you take to the streets when people were being frightened of Death Panels and of their Medicare and Social Security being taken away BY OBAMA??? (BTW who do you think is trying to take that right now to balance the budget?) Most of you probably never even catch the clever wordplay of the media outlets. The glass is always "AT BEST" half empty, on the best of days under this administration the glass is only half empty. His F'ing bowel movements are not even correct enough for them. His wife plants vegetables, eats a hamburger or wears sleeveless dresses and he gets reamed. The man wanted to give a speech to the graduating HS class and they went bonkers!!! Anything and everything is a diversion. You people have been hoodwinked!!!

The British conquered the world with the same divide and conquer tactics. Much of his opposition won't even accept that he is an American born Christian TO THIS DAY... And yet you cannot see how much more difficult his job is than he could have ever foreseen, or how that could have clouded his judgment as to how much he promised he would achieve. HE didn't let you down, the Republiscum and Tea Party in the federal government did. The racists in this land did. The same Mofo's that stole this land, enslaved my people and raped our women!!! YOU let us down by not turning out the vote this past November to support the man you elected to the highest office in the land. And when you did not take them to task on it, you virtually handed them the blade and license to castrate his powers and abilities to do what you sent him there to do!!! YOU handed over victory to them. What good little slaves we are.

This anger at Obama and accusations that he is no better than any of the other choices available are as baseless as the anger would be toward you if you were elected mayor (Presidential equivalent) of NYC, expected to fix all the police brutality and corruption of the NYPD and you had no ability to fire anyone (as he also cannot do to Congress)... And over half the force was corrupt and out to make you look bad.

We are F'ing cannibals... Instead of complaining that Union workers make more than you... Demand that you make more. Where the hell did this crab in a barrel mentality come from...? Oh yeah... MASSAH!!! We are mental slaves... How did Brother Malcolm put it? "What's the matter Boss, we sick"?

Whites in this country have no issue hating this man (not all whites and not necessarily even the majority, but more than enough to get the job done), and as I predicted pre-election, they turned on him the first opportunity they had. Now it sickens my stomach to see so many people of color turn on him as well like the F'ing crabs in a barrel we are. Crabs whose eyes have been plucked from their head so that they cannot see that the job before this man is bigger than most any president in history and the first to be up against a racist society more than willing to let their elected officials know they don't want them to cooperate with the man. A fickle base that deserts him the first time he cannot shift the axis of the sun with his hands cuffed behind his back. Politics is the art of the deal... Like it or not people. Scratch my back or I won't help cure your Pandemic. Concessions have to be made. Maybe if more of you would have turned out to vote last election he would have the numbers he needs in congress to do the things you want and we all agree he should do. The shame is not on Obama... It is on his base that left him out to be lynched by the opposition and racists that are behind so much of this. I hereby make you all honorary Klansmen!!! Free White sheets at Wal-Mart if you show your ID.

This S#!+ sickens my stomach... To see how things have degraded. And no, I do not support Obama because he and I are Black... I support him because he IS a good man. I hate some of the compromises he has made and possibly has to make. But unless you are all willing to switch to a Monarchy or totalitarian government... No one will ever be your Superman.
I notice a dangerous trend among people of color. Tavis Smiley was the first person I noticed (though I am sure he was not the first. LOL). Equating any injustice or affiliation with it, to pure and total evil. Tavis' position was that American woman not having 100% totally equal job opportunities was equal to women in other countries who get stoned to death in town square for looking at a man.

This seems to be the same logic many former Obama supporters are espousing. Because Obama had to lay with the pigs of the status quo in order to make deals he is one of them??? Seriously??? Get real, he is not Doug F'ing Henning... He cannot wave a wand to get $#!+ done. He NEEDS those assholes' votes to pass legislation. He NEEDS to give things up in order to get things now and later. So far they have screwed him at every turn, but he HAD to try.

Like I have said, I disagree with many of his decisions but that does not make him one of them. The fuggers won't even admit he is an American, how the hell is he one of them. LOL If you can't accept that he needs to make deals with the devil to get things done, you should stop voting and move to a country with a kind and gentle monarch who doesn't have to make deals with people you dislike in order to pass laws (sarcasm of course). This is POLITRICKS because it is tricky not because he is a Magician. LOL

And this crabs in a barrel mentality has to end. We can be unhappy with a politician’s strategy or decision and not want to incarcerate and execute them for being evil. We are so much bigger and better than the cannibals we are acting like. We are NOT little spoiled brat children who need to throw temper tantrums that cut off our nose to spite our face in isle 3 of the supermarket. Loudspeaker: "We need a cleanup crew in isle 3".

The last living Field Negro

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