Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Who???

People ask me why I am so belligerent about the Casey Anthony trial... Allow me to let you see through my eyes for a moment as I explain why. During much of the same time as Casey Anthony search, investigation and trial there was a Man in Mississippi fighting for HIS life. He too ended up in jail for murder... His crime??? He was a black man who shot and killed a white cop. I know some of you smart asses are thinking, “isn’t that what y’all do best”? LOL

The cops did not identify themselves and initiated a No Knock Warrant… For the WRONG HOUSE!!! So in his attempt to protect his house, wife and kids… Corey Maye did like any white, law abiding, legal firearm owner would and grabbed his rifle and blasted the armed, masked, invading intruders. So exactly how does a man with a legal weapon end up on Death Row for shooting armed, masked unidentified intruders IN HIS OWN HOUSE??? He just has to be black. But that was not enough to break through the Caseygate coverage. The same time as the closings were going on in the Casey Anthony trial, Mr. Maye was being forced to plead to manslaughter in order to be released from death row and prison. Yet which trial have you heard of???

Also during the Anthony trial, at a peaceful concert in NYC ,Police burst in, pepper sprayed the crowd and beat the crap out of anyone in arms length who was not white. Videos of it are all over the web and YouTube… (Police Brutality video 1) (Video 2) But did you hear about it in the news? Doubtful, because the news was too busy saturating the airwaves with the Casey Anthony trial. It reminds me of the Central Park Rape case. At virtually the same moment that poor young white lady was being raped, allegedly by a pack of wilding black teens (who turned out to be a single Puerto Rican man), a black woman was raped and beaten within an inch of her life and thrown off of a roof. She was found nude, hanging onto the side of a building, clinging to the cable TV wires holding on for dear life… But I bet no one even knows about THAT rape (Harlem rape) even though it was in the very same newspaper the day the CPR was reported.

Whenever a white child or white woman are attacked/hurt/raped/killed/missing… Everything else ceases (to matter). Even the OJ case… I wonder if he killed a black couple if it would have been the big news it was, and I wonder if when he got off, would there have been the same outrage I see in the eyes of white folks. I don’t know the answer… But it does make me wonder. It almost makes me feel like when people of color are killed it isn’t as important, like we don’t really count. The last time I can recall black victims dominating the news was the Atlanta Child Killings and it took over a year of dead black children popping up before that even made the news splash that this ONE MISSING WHITE GIRL made (before they even knew she was dead). And you wonder why I say fuck these cases???


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