Sunday, July 28, 2013

The hunter and the hunted

Zimmerman was an asshole. He was a member of a Citizen's WATCH group. Not a citizens CONFRONT group. He had to agree to abide by the complex rules to be ALLOWED to be on patrol. He signed papers that clearly state he was NOT to leave his vehicle... He was NOT to engage suspects... He was NOT to be armed. He was ONLY to call the cops. Had he followed those rules that allowed him to BE on patrol, Treyvon would be alive.

Zimmerman's supporter now seem Hell bent on painting Treyvon in an evil dangerous dark druggy light... Would they be so inclined to to find the same sainthood if Zimmerman climbed the lion's cage at the zoo and shot the lion because he feared for his life as the lion was mauling him? No matter how dangerous they wanna make Treyvon out to be... Zimmerman got out his car, he entered the lion's cage and went hunting a wild animal... Despite specific Instructions by the complex not to do so... Despite being told not to do so by the police. It doesn't matter if he was leaving the cage when the lion pounced on him.

So fuck what drugs they wanna allege Treyvon was GOING to MAKE. Fuck how big, powerful, athletic  and dangerous they wanna make Treyvon out to be. Fuck how small, weak and frail they wanna make that asshole Zimmerman out to be. If he were so outclassed, weak and feeble, maybe he shoulda kept his punk ass in the truck and shouldn't go hunting drug addicts bigger than himself.

Revering Zimmerman as a hero because he got away with murder due to an unjust law is like heralding a white man in the south from 1834 for beating, stabbing, hanging and burning a black man for  glancing at a white woman... Because the law said niggers are not human, he was not only justified but sanctified. Zimmerman only got away with murder because of an unjust law, not because he was right or innocent. He would be in prison for life in 24 other states. That a hero does not make. 

Funny how people want to place so much trust in the word of a man that would not even testify at his own trial. The very same man that killed the only other witness that COULD testify against him... A man that has a record of only finding blacks suspicious on his watch. A man that did not even have the trustworthiness to follow the very rules that predicated his right to be on patrol. Yet his word is SACRED???

No matter how you slice it and dice it, Zimmerman was an asshole who has been given a license to murder. Since Zimmerman defenders suddenly want to play this "hallucinogen induced rage card"... I am a 6'3 228 lb black man and if an asshole with a gun were following me, hunting me and stalking me, and I beat the shit out of him because I (understandably) feared for my life. Would he be justified in killing me for being in fear of my life? Mind you, I am a business man, husband, father of four... I NEVER did drugs... I DO NOT drink...  Think about it. If Zimmerman would NOT be justified for killing ME, he was not justified for killing Treyvon. If you say he would be justified for killing me, you are an asshole hypocrite and the discussion is over... Cause the entire argument being made today is based on the premise that Treyvon was a dangerous druggy and while I may be dangerous when hunted, I am just a big lovable teddy bear otherwise. But even a squirrel is dangerous when you hunt it.


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