Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Murder is now legal

Forget about your feelings, thoughts or opinions about the State v Zimmerman trial. Put that aside for a second that we all know Zimmerman is getting off whether you think he should or not. I had a feeling right when it happened he was going free, I was confident before the jury was picked, I was convinced after the jury was picked and now I KNOW after watching the trial... But put that travesty and miscarriage of justice aside for a moment... Just consider the ramifications of this trial. This the precedence of this trial will virtually legalize murder. This is not the standard "Stand Your Ground" case where a guy does something to you (or your property) and you have the chance to back down but refuse and instead shoot to defend yourself and/or your property... No sir... This was the aggressor having the tables of power turned on him and then shooting his way out of the dangerous condition/circumstance of his making.

Think about that guy you don't like, hanging out with 3 of his buddies that you also don't like. Man do they really make your life miserable. Them being physically fit, good looking and taking all the pretty girls. How's a nerd supposed to get laid with so many fine specimens of manhood running around. So 5'4" Myron decides he is gonna do something about it and grabs the first jock by the arm, verbally assaults him and shoves him. The jock swiftly decks Myron square in his coke bottle  bifocals instantly snapping them like a trig. Myron, outnumbered and fearing for his life pulls out his Glock and empties it into the four youth. All legal as per the precedent being set by this trial. Start any fight you want, preferably one you will not or cannot win, and as soon as it looks like you won't win, you can shoot your way out of it.

Scary thought??? I keep waiting for Rod Serling to appear and give a monologue. 


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