Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Extending Unemployment Insurance???

The tea party and conservatives cannot have it both ways. They cannot say that the American public is tired of being out of work while at the same time claim that they won't extend unemployment insurance because the people have gotten lazy and would rather collect than work. If they are all just lazy and getting fat off the hog collecting, who are the people outraged they don't have jobs? Only unemployed people are pissed off about the unemployment rate, the rest of us are just concerned. It just doesn't make sense.

They need to man up, put on their big boy pants and make up their minds. And no more of this silly "there are people scamming the system so we have to eliminate or not extend it" logic. Maybe, just maybe, there are some people who due to the bad economy and because their available job prospects actually pay less than unemployment does (as if that is even imaginable), pass on available jobs. Like welding technician makes the devious, cool calculated, cunning decision not to work in McDonalds so that he can live off the public teat just a little bit longer, draining the system as long and as much as possible. That bastard should just be happy he has the right to work and not be picky. It does not matter if he has a specialized education, skill and trade and will not be able to feed his family on a McDonald’s salary.

I suspect you have realize this is sarcasm, but they always point to the fictitious hordes of lazy, greedy, scamming unemployment collectors of their imaginations as the reason they should not extend it. Where are these hordes of scammers? Hypothetically, let's say one in ten thousand is scamming the system. Is the drain from one in ten thousand worth cutting off 9,999 out of ten thousand because 1 person got over on the government? That logic would dictate that we should eliminate all fire departments because one person out of ten thousand 911 emergency fire calls was a prank call. Would you eliminate YOUR fire department? Even if the prank calls were 1 out if every 100 you would be an idiot to do that.

Unemployment insurance is the fire department for the economic fires destroying many of our unemployed families. Make no mistake about it; these fires are burning so hot that the people are hopping mad that there are no jobs for them. Wouldn't they just remain silent, happy to collect if they were all just a bunch if scamming pigs? If they were all con artists would the president’s disapproval rating be 2 out of 3 due on jobs and the economy? That doesn’t sound like people scamming the system. Remember, the people truly pissed off about unemployment are unemployed people. Working people don't take to the streets in protest their disapproval of their government because other people are out of work and neither do people scamming the system. People hurting because they are out of work do, so cut the crap people.

These bullshit excuses may have worked against welfare but unemployment is NOT welfare. It is insurance for bad times that the people PAID INTO just like Social Security and Medicare. Stop playing politics and games with people's lives.



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