Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Listen, I know there are a lot of people screaming to let Troy Davis out of jail because of all the recanted testimonies… And I understand their reason for feeling that way. I’ll even admit that it was my default thought. And even though I am against the death penalty, I CAN understand why people want the death penalty on the books. I can even understand why those people might want it applied for ANY murder and not just have it limited to the murder of Police and any other groups that automatically have capital punishment on the table by default. I can also understand why the jury convicted Troy Davis with nine eye witnesses, despite the fact that eye witness testimony is the most unreliable form of evidence in existence… Because of how compelling it can be.

All that said, what I cannot understand, is how after seven out of nine of those witnesses recanted their testimony mostly because they only testified because of police coercing, how they can still execute the man. I am not saying let him free… For all we know, his family members have threatened the witnesses (though that is very doubtful) or some rich guy bought them off on his behalf (which is even more doubtful LOL). But the thought, that our criminal system would take the life of a man with THAT much doubt as to his guilt is a sickening atrocity. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t… But no needle should be in his arm or anyone else’s arms with THAT much doubt in existence. With that much tainted testimony or evidence.

Now understand, this is not Tookie Williams who was a very bad man who turned his life around and wanted a stay of execution (even though I personally though he deserved it). Troy Davis’ only crime was being black in the south at a time when racism was a lot more overt than it is now. At a time when any old nigger would do to make the white people feel like their blood lust was sated. Seems when these crimes are committed there is a tendency for people to just want SOMEONE punished… ANYONE punished, regardless of guilt. And that is all the reason I need in the world to support my anti capital punishment stance. It makes my understanding of the pro death penalty movement all the harder to accept. Especially since I and every other young black male in this country are only one incorrect eye witness away from being Troy Davis… And in the eyes of the law I AM TROY DAVIS. I AM TRY DAVIS!!!


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