Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nicki Minaj Says Her Appeal Lies In Showing It’s “Ok To Be Weird”

That’s one thing I love about Nicki…she really has allowed for girls and guys all over the world to open up and be who they are. Before Nicki and Twitter people were afraid to open up and be who they were because they were afraid of being scrutinized. I really think HB gave young kids that had low self-esteem a reason to feel they were beautiful and allowed them to feel as if they were Barbie or Ken, no matter if they were a size 2 or size 20.
The Young Money MC says she’s learning that she has to censor herself and that not all of her followers are fans.
“I have to watch my mouth sometimes,” she tells BlackBook magazine in a new interview.

“All of those people who follow me on Twitter? They aren’t my friends. Some of them are fans, but many of them are people who hate my guts and are just waiting for me to tweet something that they can put on their blogs. It’s easy to see 2 million followers and think, ‘Look at all these people who love me!’ But not all of them love me. Whether I’m smiling or not, I know that people are always waiting for me to slip up.”
Last November, MTV premiered Minaj’s documentary, “My Time Now,” and the 26-year-old raptress tells the magazine she was afraid she’d been “too real” and revealed “too much of the actual person behind Nicki Minaj” during filming.
“Someone once told me, ‘People love the façade of pop stars. It’s not good to be a real person,’ so I lost sleep over it,” the rapper says. “But then I met tons of people who said, ‘I’ve became a fan of yours after watching that documentary.’ I’m realizing now that I’m never really going to know the rules. I just have to play.”
The chart-topping rapper also sees similarities between herself and another breakout artist: Lady Gaga. Nicki tells the magazine that the two are walking similar paths to fame with “the awkward, non-pretty thing.”
“What we’re saying — what I’m saying, anyway — is that it’s OK to be weird. And maybe your weird is my normal. Who’s to say? I think it’s an attitude we both share,” the “Moment 4 Life” MC says

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