Thursday, February 28, 2013

Should Marijuana be legal?

I say we should legalize EVERYTHING! Not just pot and not just pot for medicinal uses. They made every other poison legal, from High Fructose Corn Syrup to Aspartame to Caffeine... Why do we keep the drugs pharmaceutical companies can't have a monopoly over, illegal??? Oh yeah, that's why... Because people can grow those drugs themselves and cut them out of the equation. The illegal drugs cannot be snuck into the food supply without our knowledge and force us to ingest them (though they did try that with Coke). There is one good reason I can think of to NOT legalize drugs... If they legalized drugs, big pharmaceuticals would lose the profits from many of their legal drugs. They would be forced to stick even more poisons into our food so they could develop drugs to cure all the disease and damage our poisoned food caused. My bad... I forgot who the real drug pushers were.

If they legalized drugs, private prisons would be in dire trouble. They get paid handsomely to warehouse corporate America's free slave labor force. Private prisons provide corporate America the slave labor they've been looking for since the end of the Civil War. If they legalize drugs, prisons will be emptied, stripping corporations of their access to free labor. It would be disastrous for our military. Military contractors would be forced to pay children in 3rd world nations to build our bomb and weapon components. The price of waging war would skyrocket without slave labor.

Government run prisons are no better. They profit from keeping drugs illegal too... They provide jobs for prison guards which keep voters happy and stimulate the local economy. Many actually charge the inmates for their luxurious accommodations. They profit from selling inmates food, from the collect phone calls and because most prisons are in remote places the surrounding towns rake in dough left and right from the visitation traffic, creating even more tax revenue. And if they are good little slaves and produce goods for corporate America inside the joint, they get to go out and take jobs from civilians by cleaning our highways, preparing/setting up fairgrounds for festivals, cleaning parks and all sorts of other job unemployed civilians could have had and quite often did have in the past. All you lazy good for nothing bums who can't get a job... Get arrested. They'll give you a job in a heartbeat. After all they owe it to you since they gave the job you could've had to an inmate already anyway. Retake what is rightfully yours!!!

The best legitimate excuse they have to keep drugs illegal, is to control people. As if there is a legion of people, who want to smoke pot, but don't, because it's illegal. That is nonsense. Are there people who do not smoke only due to the illegal aspect? I am certain of it. But they only make up the smallest demographic. With the exception of people in occupations that regularly random drug test, ANYONE that wants to smoke pot, DOES. And even many of THEM still do, as most testing facilities do not actually watch you piss. Smokers bring in plastic bags of clean piss and keep it warm against their body to fool temperature sensitive receptacles. Yet another industry that profits from keeping drugs illegal... The testing and screening industry.

The question should not be why are drugs illegal but rather why are there whole industries supported by keeping it illegal. Could the real push to keep them illegal be from them? If we are not allowed to profit from crimes, why are they?


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