Monday, April 2, 2012

Breaking news: George Zimmerman cleared of all suspicions by Sanford PD

Results of the autopsy of Trayvon Martin have come back. It has indeed been verified that Trayvon was a psychic telepath. On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin forced innocent George Zimmerman from his vehicle with his telepathic abilities and forced him to shoot him. When Zimmerman resisted Van Jones emerged from the bushes and helped train Zimmerman’s aim on Trayvon. In a taped cell phone conversation, George Soros could be heard giggling from behind the fence like a mad marionette.

A note was found in the bedroom of Tracy Martin’s home confessing the plot. Forensics agents discovered the shredded note in the trash of the Martin residence. The note outlines in extreme detail the entire plot including the diabolical plan to take away guns from American’s by making them hate the violence perpetrated by firearms such as in this case. This was a very deep and involved plot. It seems that Tracy Martin was not actually Trayvon’s biological father. His father was actually a liberal white man and Trayvon’s DNA proves he was actually a blue eye, blond, white child. Trayvon’s biological father’s sperm was infected with the dreaded Liberal Virus. It turns out that Trayvon was hatching this plot since he was a sperm. As a fetus, he used his telepathic abilities in the womb to change his race so that he would one day be able to pull this scheme off.

When we probed further, we found that the same people, who forged Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate because they knew he would one day be president, were the real masterminds behind this devious plan. And it gets worse… The 911 tapes were found to have been altered… It was actually Joe Biden yelling “Fuckin’ Coons” on the tape… They wanted to use this incident as the catalyst to re-write the 2nd Amendment to take away our firearms!!!

We contacted the leaders of the NAACP, Acorn, Al Sharpton and the ACLU, who all refused to comment. Thank God we had Alex Jones, the NRA and FOX news on the job to uncover this devious plot.

Just wait until we finish the rest of our research. Their plan does not stop here. They plan to take our Bibles next. If I do not get to finish this report, you know why… But I swear I will do everything in my power to get word out of which ever FEMA Camp they lock me away at.

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