Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Question EVERYTHING!!!

I love George Carlin… He is the funniest comic that ever made me think. I mean really, really think. And this quote is no exception. No other comic has ever made me look inside myself and examine, re-evaluate and take inventory of my mental stock. Carlin made me look at the world through different eyes.

Being the total cynic that I am, my first impulse is to applaud this ideal on its face value. But with a little examination and self inflection, I realize how screwed up I actually believe it is. This is the very line of reasoning that gets so many people caught up on trivial bullshit. They fail to see the bigger picture because they are too bewildered with an inaccuracy or even worse, a perceived deception. It transforms people into conspiracy theory nut jobs who do nothing positive in this world but talk about all of the evil in it. I sometimes think that the real conspiracy out there is the planting of conspiracies so that the people will not work together to make the REAL changes that need to be made.

That aside… If one were to truly question EVERYTHING, just walking down the block would take a month. You would be forced to question the intent of everyone that said hello, forced to interpret every glace in your direction, ponder with every step you took if the earth might cave in under your girth. Now, I know that is taking it a lil’ overboard, but not really… It has been my experience that more and more people these days spend all their time questioning EVERYTHING and doing NOTHING and it has lead me to believe that maybe questioning EVERYTHING is just about as destructive and bad as questioning NOTHING.

What we need it a little bit of common sense. Certain things SHOULD be questioned… It is imperative that other things be questioned… But not EVERYTHING should be questioned. You want proof? Try building a car with your kid who ask why and how you do everything that you are doing. Watch how quickly an hour job turns into a two day job. And don’t get me wrong, that might be the greatest thing ever if your goal is to spend quality time with your kid but it will suck moose ass if you need to get to work. This is where this logic has gone awry. You get these bickering buffoons who sit around all day crabbing about and questioning the Bilderbergs, the G8, the Oligarchy and the Fed. But what do they do about any of it, OTHER than question it? The thing they really need to question… Is the idea they need to question EVERYTHING!!!


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